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    How to buy plywood?

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    Plywood is also commonly used in modern home decoration process to a class of sheet products, but also the name of so-called thin plywood core board, which is composed of three or more layers of 1mm thick or thin veneer made of hot glue, is handmade furniture the most commonly used materials. Plywood at the time of purchase is also a certain amount of skill to buy, how to buy plywood it?
    Buy plywood tips:

    1, in the selection, to ensure a positive wood plywood clear, clean and smooth, not rough, no lag feel. Qualified quality plywood should be damaged, bumps, bruising, knots and other defects.

    2, when some manufacturers will produce two different patterns of boards made of plywood glued together, so pay attention to the choice of plywood seams are tight, with or without rugged phenomenon.

    3, in addition, there should also be noted plywood unglued, loose plastic phenomenon. When you can buy all parts of hand percussion plywood, if the sound crisp, then it's good quality; If the sound muffled, then the plywood appeared scattered gum.

    4, and finally had to consider the environmental performance of plywood, plywood directly determines the quality of home health status, and therefore must not be careless when selecting plywood its content of free formaldehyde, Xiao Bian suggest you'd better choose large-scale production enterprise product purchase, because large companies usually have a quality inspection report, the report can be viewed from the formaldehyde content of the case, oh plywood products.
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