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    Solid Blockboard production methods are there?

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    Solid Blockboard Blockboard Blockboard accounts for over 60% of the volume is composed of a core of wood core board, and the quality of the core of a great relationship with process and product quality. Joinery boards Xinban how to produce it? Solid Blockboard production methods, what does? 
    Blockboard core plate manufacturing method: 

    1, the union board law: 
    First with a sheet of plastic synthetic wood side, then put it into a plastic fight sawn lumber, dried at 45-50 degrees Celsius temperature, and then makes up the required cross Xinban width. This method, high quality core board, but the consumption of plastic and more environmentally friendly than the best quality natural raw materials is a sheet, its high cost. 

    2, wood glue fight law: 
    This production of blockboard core board with glue wooden bar makes up the core board, its main raw material is sapwood and wooden bar. This method, high quality core board, good strength, but more steps to fight gum, glue quantity. 

    3, do not fight Xinban manufacturing plastic law: 
    This law is not the edge of the wood glue to fight, but with the frame, insert slots or other connection is made. The advantage is the provincial rubber and plastic processes to fight, but finished lower intensity.
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