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    Prevent cracking wood panel deformation method

    time:2019-07-30 15:25:18  source:  Author:
    The so-called decorative panels, also known as plywood, it is natural wood or engineered wood sliced into thin slices certain thickness, adhesion to the surface of the plywood, and then made a hot surface or interior decoration materials for furniture manufacturing, decoration there are many types of panel material, such as wood, metal, stone, etc., but are generally used for decorative panels with wooden interior materials are mostly wood panel during use if the method is not in place so the phenomenon appears to crack and deformation, how to prevent the trim panel to crack and deformation it? 
    Office decoration trim panel to prevent cracking deformation method: 

    1, when installing to ensure the seams do handle 45 degrees. Triangular groove formed at the contact surface. 

    2, putty putty to fill in the slot, and should fill joints paste bandages. 

    3, the surface color putty batch level. 

    4, the other paint treatment (paint brush in hand sweep or contaminated). Wood finishes fixing nails sure to use mosquito nails, when the surface treatment can be filled with putty color.
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