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    Blockboard can be applied to those areas?

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    The so-called Blockboard refers Daixinban, is the core of the wood for the outer veneer wood processing wood profile products, is widely used in modern decoration to a class of sheet products, but according to their production Blockboard different processes, its application in the field plate is different, block board can be used in areas where it? Or the first to analyze its processes it!
    Blockboard from the process can be divided into two categories: one is hand-board, one is the mechanism plate.
    Hand board:
    With artificial wood inlaid into the sandwich, this kind of nail plate holding force poor, big gap, not sawing, generally only used in home decoration whole part of subprojects, such as wool cushion made of solid wood flooring board.
    Mechanism board:
    Blockboard this type of superior quality handmade plate, but embedded in the material tree, fine degree of processing, such as the difference between the surface layer species is still large. Some large companies produce dense texture sheet, laminated tree holding nails strong, can be used as decoration using a variety of furniture, doors, windows and other joinery fan frame. Empty plate board within the mechanism of production of many small businesses and more bonding is not solid, very poor quality, and generally should not be used in the production of construction joinery.
    So if improvements need to be applied during the floor mat, then the best choice of manual board blockboard, to be mainly used in the process of renovation furniture, doors, windows, etc. in the field, then the best choice Blockboard mechanisms board, because it nail holding ability, and relatively dense plate.
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