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    Caution grassroots plate when the pros and cons and selection

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    Grassroots plate is relative to the decorative panels. He is distinguished from the decorative use of functional materials, in practical use, the sheet can be used as any grassroots plate. In general, primary board material with low cost, high strength, not easy to deformation, adhesion, and shape the future to meet the needs of veneer construction features.

    Blockboard advantages are: specification unified, easy processing, easy deformation, can be pasted other materials, light weight, ease of construction, so that the home decoration wall, the top of the essential decoration and woodworking wood products.

    The disadvantage Blockboard is: Since the upper and lower layers are plywood, squeeze the middle for scrap wood core material, and sometimes there is a gap in the middle, easy to open plastic, drumhead, deformed thermal expansion and contraction.

    To note the following when selecting Blockboard:

    1 to pick the machine puzzle. Blockboard from the production can be divided into two types of hand jigsaw puzzle and machines. Artificial hand puzzle is inlaid into the wood sandwich, this kind of board general board core wood malalignment, large gaps, mostly scraps, the board has a bump, holding the nail is weak, not sawing, generally only use part of the whole project and home decoration, as do the wood floor cushion wool panels. Machine puzzle board core neatly arranged in uniform, surface pressure plate core tightly.

    2 core hardwood is not the best choice. Blockboard core material, mostly pine poplar, paulownia, basswood and hardwood. Holding nails strong infill pine species, not easily deformed; better not choose hardwood because hardwood does not 'eat nails'.

    3 Note that the appearance of the plate. If there is glue surrounding Blockboard than putty phenomenon, it shows that he must have internal gaps or voids. You can also tap the plate surface with a needle nose appliance, if business is quite different, it shows internal voids. Also, depends on whether the flat plate surface, with or without bump, whether bending deformation. Good sanding sheet is double-sided, touch feels very smooth, straight sides, the side port Xinban neat, seamless.

    4 Note that detects the moisture content of the sheet. Blockboard moisture content should not exceed 12%. Quality Blockboard by machine drying, moisture content can be achieved and inferior Daixinban moisture often substandard.

    5 Note that the formaldehyde content of the plate. Formaldehyde is mainly interested in the respiratory system damage, has been recognized as the World Health Organization can be carcinogenic. It is mainly released from Blockboard in. Selection should avoid using decorative plate with a pungent odor. Because the greater the smell, indicating higher formaldehyde emission, the more severe pollution, the greater the harm.

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