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  • October plywood market: plywood prices fell 1-2 yuan / Zhang
    Release Date :2014-06-09 Click: 124次

    October, plywood market performance in a more volatile, fluctuating shipments and shipments of different outlets there is a big gap. Overall, the mark

  • Plywood and fiberboard futures restart or cold
    Release Date :2014-06-09 Click: 244次

    After the successful listing of iron ore futures, plywood and fiberboard futures landing DCE has officially entered the countdown, this also means tha

  • Prevent cracking wood panel deformation method
    Release Date :2014-06-06 Click: 199次

    The so-called decorative panels, also known as plywood, it is natural wood or engineered wood sliced into thin slices certain thickness, adhesion to t

  • How to buy plywood?
    Release Date :2014-06-06 Click: 121次

    Plywood is also commonly used in modern home decoration process to a class of sheet products, but also the name of so-called thin plywood core board,

  • Solid Blockboard production methods are there?
    Release Date :2014-06-06 Click: 217次

    Solid Blockboard Blockboard Blockboard accounts for over 60% of the volume is composed of a core of wood core board, and the quality of the core of a

  • Blockboard can be applied to those areas?
    Release Date :2014-06-06 Click: 153次

    The so-called Blockboard refers Daixinban, is the core of the wood for the outer veneer wood processing wood profile products, is widely used in moder

  • Caution grassroots plate when the pros and cons and selection
    Release Date :2014-06-06 Click: 180次

    Grassroots plate is relative to the decorative panels. He is distinguished from the decorative use of functional materials, in practical use, the shee

  • Teach you how to choose the environmental quality of plywood?
    Release Date :2014-06-06 Click: 114次

    Since the panels used for interior decoration surface, which reflects the quality of a certain lag. Therefore, in order to pick a qualified panels, ma

  • Analysis: Plate Purchase of common sense
    Release Date :2014-04-30 Click: 145次

    First, steel (including steel) Classification:1, according to the thickness of the categories: (1) sheet (2) in the plate (3) plate (4) special plate2

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