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Packaged applications in pulp packaging board production line

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Abstract: The use of programmable controllers Fujian Nanping Paper "two pulp machines packaged system application, the entire process in accordance with the requirements of the production process, the role of the input signal, according to the state and the order process, in the production process various executive agencies operate automatically and orderly manner, to achieve the rationale of paper pulp (paper finishing), pressure package (compressed bales). weighed packets (wrapping paper folding), knotted (wire bundle) so the whole production process automated production.
Keywords: automatic packaging control system; PLC; processing machine; press; weighing instrument; packet machine
Article ID: Shu 007-9211 (2012) 12-0073-03
~ ^ Built Nanping Paper Co., Ltd. of moss slurry machine shop two paddles to the pulp machine width 2400mm, the juice yield 1: 75t / d pulp, paddles D machines have reached normal production set level of it, but by the people bundled package puree T. operations, coupled with unsubstantiated institutional weaknesses and presses paper tonnage bale after bale tying wire insufficient strength, appearance varies, now seriously affecting quality products and transportation When loading heavy Ke. The company with the actual packaging line for this purpose r callous system. Implemented a transformation. After the transformation of the production process from the processing machine, four-post hydraulic Shu i machines. Weighing instrument, packet wire knotting machines and two other major equipment. This system uses a two-door up • S7-200 programmable controller, add some gear, reasonable structure. Investment in the economy.
A process equipment solutions
(1) Paper pulp cowpea cutting machine for four 800x600mm after the pulp, paper code requirements after the stack of paper stacked neatly package weight of 200kg. Kraft paper outer packaging, wire bundling firm shall be packaged, prevent lifting and transportation scattered off the entire equipment required A dynamic continuous production. According to this process requirements, based on the existing plant real chant, the process scheme this device are: • rationale paper conveying a rotating mention a single package
Intervene into the code sets the stage paper pij bit sa S5
A conveyor system diagram production line process
L and rotate - • conveyor shrink - • conveying a plus lower and upper wrapping a known escape - transportation • Horizontal banding (two on each side) - • • * rotating conveyor and packaging conveyor • Fold * a vertical strapping (left and right a chase) a person transporting J:. small carts.
(2) In order to accomplish the above 1: Arts course, set of 11 body structure consists of several components in K (see Figure I): rationale machine, rotary Pi structure, lifting mechanism, the press, said Fu agencies, knotting machine, Packet transmission and hydraulic loading S.
2 automatic packaging production line process •
(1) pulp cutter cut short after after a long belt conveyors and belt conveyors to carry out processing machine after the fall of the paper stack. Yards of paper. Earthquake paper Ml. Stage of the paper so that the paper stack code stack put neatly yards paper table meat in the PLC automatic control for - • given time interval fall a certain height, the audience falls in ant paper I: Arts Pi to height (bits weighing about 200kg), the proximity switch action switch signal input to the PLC, PLC control qe Lue break up paper extends continuously falling living break up paper pulp, paper table at this time code fast f down, down in the end Bang code stacker conveyor system production line process shown in Figure 1.
And rotating equipment ffi chain conveyor chain | rf ح when activated, paddle paperboard (4 stacks) in the front line of the rotating device, touch the rotating equipment ح ح Picnic sweat off process, the code sets the paper I: l, conveyor chains are stopped rotating means will turn clockwise FIRE 90_. When the code reaches the upper part of the top deck, then returned to the paper cross section of the bell in situ, so automatic conversion crib.
(2) rotating device rotates 90 - after the place of its conveyor chain conveyor chain and the transition starts when the first pile into upgrading the rotation mechanism, 2-4 stack conveyor chain is still in transition at this time of transition conveyor chain is automatically stopped, pulp Stop waiting for enhancing transport stack: return while rotating counterclockwise mounted S-situ; first of all stack stack upgrade process Che, by means k can be up and down with catching rabbits and 90 rotating disk
74 33 2 Volume Shu Ming suppression 2 years
Pile of dry pulp correspond with the original bit ft conveyor chain, rotate the 9 (T. Decreased from portrait to enter the press equipment. Upgrade installed S, followed by the same procedure paddle stack action.
(3) pulp pile driven presses fixed under the platform surface belt conveyor. Reach the next platform midpoint, press the action, the moving platform down, peep to the pulp pile compressed to a certain extent, on the platform of the return , the conveyor belt stack sends the compressed pulp.
(4) has a plug in the back of the paper loaded press S, the bottom of the bale wrapping paper packaging ح H (artificial pre-S at the insertion device) in the friction force and the pulp slurry bit with the package automatically move into the bale Bottom F (above packaging wrapping paper also laid by hand) from both sides of the conveyor chain guide • Fixed gradient analysis board called the bottom of the package pulp
Fold both sides of the plate to the pulp basket bag. Transported to the weighing mechanism for weighing. Accordance with the process of production requirements (per pack of 200kg) re trampling of change, to ensure that heavy syrup pack S constant. Order of play after the said statements by the narrow line printer • bales into knotting.
(5) You re-organization conveyed bales (already down with wrapping paper) into by '| knotting machine before and after the two-bit S is not - The next induction stroke of the input signal knotting machine automatically switches left lateral position of each bale carry two strapping (banding process: syrup pack in place of a wire clamp a wire tensioning - • • kink off - * Reset ... into the line into a wire clamp • F-T . for recycling), after tying knot come to closure bit machine.
(6) syrup pack packet transport people into the central machine, steering set S of the pulp NIE rotated 90 . Packet machine width, respectively, for the two ends of sentences by pulp bale wrapper around the bottom, the order of t edges folded and folded rod Paul Tuan ['package will paddle to 2 knotting machine. Figure 2 is a schematic Court of its action.
2 Action schematic diagram
u2 knotting machine bales around the longitudinal position of each carried a strapping, strapping course of action with two Shu knotting machine is the same. After tying the bales delivered through the chain to the place on the afternoon • artificial push on, push the production staff to refer to i stacked position. And the subsequent automatic bale constantly repeat the process to achieve continuous automatic operation.
During the operation of each of the steps, if a device is occupied, parked bales in the corresponding device waits until the equipment package will be sent to weep plasma device to perform the appropriate action is empty, and these control rely on a variety of sensor switch installed on each device (proximity switches, limit switches, magnetic switches, etc.) to achieve. If the work process knotting machine malfunction, according to the specific circumstances of the fault, the pulp is temporarily stored in the conveyor, rotary conveyor. The buffer conveyor, allow the device to be back to normal after the pulp packaging work to ensure iH continuous production is often affected.
3 control system hardware configuration and description
Programmable logic controller uses two sub-SIEMENS S7-200PLC,
The whole production line sharing 5 sets S7-200/CPU224 Mei each expansion module that is both mutually independent 5: Another interconnected control system. 5 sets PLC are buried machine 1 set, 1 set of power machine, knotting machine pulled two sets of sets of each Shu, packet 1 set. Buried machine control system which is the main control system is the control center of the entire production line, capable of receiving electricity from the production line of control components limit switch signal through an appropriate manner, and controlled through appropriate training to perform Cloth Hydraulic solenoid valves and hydraulic motors.
PLC inputs and main switch Pa • Some control signal, the output of the main execution units and hydraulic equipment is connected, such as hydraulic solenoid valves, hydraulic motors and pneumatic solenoid valves and so on. Control system optional limit switches and proximity switches hydraulic claw electromagnetic ح arrests and other components are 24VDC control, the control system uses PLC relay output, ideal for the production line completed all control tasks.
4 Conclusion
The control system has been run through the commissioning of continuous production inputs used equipment technical performance indicators have reached expectations, reducing packaging staff., And reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency, greatly increasing r packing strapping strength, thereby improving Xie India Bit volume of packages ®. increased loading capacity (30 tons in approved cars, for example, can be loaded more than about 3.5 tons), lower transportation costs, improve efficiency, and improve the appearance of the 11 Ming M quality packaging, customers praise.

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