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Lack of timber resources will promote the development of wood-based panels electromechanical packaging materials

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China's population accounts for 22% of the world's total population, the world's total forest stock volume accounted for only 3. 2%, extremely scarce timber resources, with the rapid economic development and continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumer demand was rigid timber growth, timber supply and demand have become increasingly prominent in the package of electromechanical products

Installed, the wood packaging accounts for about 80% of annual consumption of wood more than 10 million m3, accounting for China's commercial timber production in 1/6 or so, and most of them are high-quality timber
     Most of these disposable packaging timber after being discarded, resulting in a great waste of resources, lack of forest resources and electromechanical products from wood packaging requirements, the future of the most practical and most effective way is to promote the use of wood-based panels electromechanical packaging materials, materials on behalf of the Wood is the only way to accelerate the mechanical and electrical production

Product packaging and materials and wood work, from a macro point of view, for the conservation of high quality wood and protect forest resources and ecological environment, with great significance, not only to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and to promote sustainable social and economic development need from the microscopic point of view, is to promote our electromechanical

Package upgrades accelerate the practical needs of international standards

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