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Packaging board quality standards

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AS / NZS 2269 plywood manufacturing, packaging board structure, suitable for use in applications all permanent structures. Permanent type phenolic resin bond for individual wood veneer. A type of bond is obviously full of dark colors and weather risk, under conditions of stress and a combination of long-term exposure and pressure is durable and permanent.
Manufacture of plywood from a series of softwood and hardwood timber species structure. These timber species may not be lasting, weather conditions when using the exposure. Exposed applications, structural plywood must be embalmed, to ensure its continuing, give full play to the completion of their service life and surface to reduce ground checks.
Out in two AS / NZS 2269 and AS1720.1 engineering properties of structural plywood. Structural plywood engineering properties are given eight standard pressure levels, F7, F8, F11, F14, F17, F22, F27, F34.

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