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Guard against false plywood packing affect exports

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Recently, Changzhou Inspection and Quarantine staff in the use of a wood packaging enterprises interviewed, found a number of export to Vietnam "Plywood" packaging finished products within the company, the packaging looks the same as with plywood packing. But the council inspection and quarantine officers approached carefully observed, they noticed that the packaging is actually disguised batch of solid wood packing after the "Plywood" packaging simply two pieces of thin plywood will act as a mask in wood box full of plywood bar packaging, and kept in the mass inside the wood frame of the poor, there are a lot of bark wormhole. Once this package can easily encounter foreign pests found pesticide treatment, the risk of the destruction of even returned. Changzhou Inspection and Quarantine staff immediately and packaging using the relevant contact person in charge of the enterprise, and suggested replacing the packaging business, to avoid problems caused by foreign economic losses due to quarantine.
     Through the investigation of fake plywood packing case, Changzhou Inspection and Quarantine staff found that, while the cause of these events is the packaging manufacturer to be priced competitively, in the packaging business of packaging business use unfamiliar situations, the use of forged Plywood plywood box packaging posing full use of enterprise blinded evade inspection and quarantine, pest elimination escape; other packaging companies in the pursuit of maximizing the use of the interest of the premise, the purchase of non-corporate identity forged plywood packaging, wood and even identity theft packaging.
    Here, Changzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded the use of wood packaging companies buy wood packaging should pay attention: All exit from solid wood packaging should have a logo Enforcement qualified enterprises, corporate identity specific detailed list of animals and plants AQSIQ Division Site; exit wood packaging must be effectively dealt with by the manufacturer to provide outbound cargo handling pesticides wood packaging qualified certificate; plywood packing after the factory, by the purchasing department spot checks, to avoid false plywood packing problem. (Liang Xiaosong Xie Bin), "China Times, the country"

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