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Status packaging material plywood

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OSB, plywood and laminated veneer lumber and other wood-based panels [4] also used in packaging trays manufactured. Currently OSB (OSB) has become a major developed country wood packaging materials used in the manufacture of packaging EU OSB pallets and wooden crates. In North America and Europe, OSB is widely considered to be a fast and technical development of mature plates, OSB as a building material of choice in addition to outside, a large portion is used for the packaging industry. It not only can produce crates box board and chassis, the frame can also produce crates, almost all the materials can replace the production of wood crates. Foreign OSB industry is well developed, according to the American Board Association (APA), the North American OSB 2001 year 20 million m3, 2003 increased to 22 million m3, 2005 year 29,930,000 m3 [8]. European OSB 2001 year 2,005,000 m3, 2003 year 3.1 million m3, 2005 year 3.5 million m3. According to statistics, since the late 1980s, with the rise in demand for their OSB United States and Canada, which decreased the amount of plywood [10]. OSB manufacturing process because after high-temperature drying and high temperature hot deal, pests, parasites, fungi and rot bacteria were all killed, is recognized worldwide as the exemption of packaging materials, the World Packaging Association listed it as "an exposure "packaging materials. OSB is made with packaging material without fumigation insecticide treatment, recycling is relatively simple and is now the most important foreign cases and pallets of industrial packaging materials.

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