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Furniture innovative new packaging concept so consumers can not afford injuries

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Today, the endless variety of styles of packaging, for a new term, so that consumers can not understand foggy. As in the purchase of furniture prices, styles and materials is undoubtedly the three major issues we care about most, including price and style are our tangible, simply shop around you can do mind understood, however, for furniture material, but it is what we as ordinary consumers confused.
Furniture put new term "coat" so consumers can not afford injuries Innovation
Furniture stores selling furniture new term
Now into the furniture stores, furniture material when asked, we will hear a lot of the new term, "Our furniture is made with solid wood particle board, is a new type of environmentally friendly materials." & Ldquo furniture are made of compressed wood board. "" Our plate is the new MDF. "In the small series of visits to major home furniture store in the business, frequently hear the new term.
"Wood particle board", "compressed wood board" "MDF", etc. Such terms are popular in furniture among the sales staff was preceded by environmental protection, new name, etc., and how much you know about this new term it? Did you know that these new terms really just old color on clothes, in fact, change the soup without refueling. Even worse, some unscrupulous businessmen Hai Ba such "new material" as a gimmick to increase sales of its products.
New clothes old Yan furniture plate change without refueling soup
Xiao Bian heard many times in this new term after asking specific circumstances wood particle board to the sales staff, and sales staff, but only vaguely answered Xiao Bian "wood particle board is made of wood particle panels" and continue to emphasize the small series This is a new type of environmentally friendly materials. And this will only make vague answer consumers are increasingly confused.
According to Xiao Bian understood that the so-called wood particle board, wood compression plate is actually a traditional particleboard, MDF and is also a traditional MDF, because "chipboard" "MDF" and other traditional plates frequently burst of negative household pollution News, allows consumers to produce furniture for such a sense of exclusion, as they take a detour businesses, coupled with the new name for the old plates, it transformed into a new type of environmentally friendly materials.
So "innovative" consumers can not afford to hurt you
"You just optimistic about the furniture is what material?" Xiao Bian Hongqi Furniture City were interviewed consumers plan to buy furniture, furniture, most consumers will take the initiative to understand the material, Ms. Wang is a representative area, "they Wood said that the compression plate. "" What do you know what is compressed wood board it? "Xiao Bian further raised the question," is said to be a new material, environmental protection. "
Found in a small series of visits to the majority of consumers are confused by these new terms, only a minority of consumers expressed doubts. Consumers Guo said, "I do not very much believe that shopping guide in answering the above questions Xiaobian it, although I can not be sure what wood particle board, but I did not know this kind of a regular plate, certainly with the name of the first Mongolian us . "
"Merchant creating some new concepts can be understood, after all, wants to increase sales, but if the opportunity to add some money much." Consumers Ms Xu expressed her concerns.
In the home environment is increasingly valued by consumers today, as a consumer source production side, only to increase the research and development of environmentally friendly materials, real escort home environment for consumers to make "green home" on the road to go more smoothly . And this gimmick to deceive consumers with fresh acts will only make our furniture market to end.
Development of the furniture industry, in our own feet, to choose the right way forward, is to choose a bright future for our entire home market

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