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October plywood market: plywood prices fell 1-2 yuan / Zhang

browse:  date:2014/6/9 9:52:39

October, plywood market performance in a more volatile, fluctuating shipments and shipments of different outlets there is a big gap. Overall, the market is still considered compared to September increased. According to traders, said finger-board still the market, the volume is large, a major supplier to the solid wood furniture manufacturers; plywood affected by the first half of the National Day holiday, sluggish performance, to usher in the second half of the climax shipments, shipments are still concentrated in the 3%, 12%, 15% per annum; others, such as building templates, melamine panels were flat, shipping situation is not optimistic.
      Merchant prices for plywood made minor adjustments to decline, dropping by about 1-2 yuan / Zhang; price adjustment is mainly concentrated in 3%, 12%, 15% per annum. Quote table shows, plywood prices in general are still stabilized. Merchant said that although raw material prices move up, but a few significant price adjustment is impossible, and the procurement manufacturers also difficult to accept. Currently, the specifications for the 1220mm ¡Á 2440mm ¡Á 3 per cent of the domestic mahogany plywood reported 15-18 yuan / Zhang, 1220mm ¡Á 2440mm ¡Á 12 per cent of birch plywood reported about 110 yuan / Zhang

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